Will Ronaldo Go Back to Manchester?

After various news outlets reported this week that a source “very close to Cristiano Ronaldo” told them that CR7 was unhappy at Real Madrid the world of football has gone into meltdown. The Portuguese captain has recently been ordered to court for a trial for tax fraud and has supposedly told members of his family that this saddened him and he wants to leave Spain.

It could obviously just be Ronaldo fishing around to try and get Madrid to pay off his sentence should he receive one, or him just looking for one more big bucks contract before he retires. He has flirted with leaving Madrid in the past, most notably in very early 2013, but ended up just signing a juicy new contract making him the highest paid player in the world.

However, if he really is leaving Madrid, it looks like e would have two main options. Obviously, the romantic’s choice is Man United. The Red Devils were recently proclaimed the world’s richest football club, making £515m revenue last season, so would have no problems paying Reals reported demand of £120m. Also, if Ronaldo was to head back to Manchester he would be worshipped week in week out and, with him in their ranks, a 21st league title would be imminent. He has also previously voiced his desire to return to United at some point.

 ronaldo united shirt.PNG

The other option would be French outfit PSG. Although they were beaten to the title by Monaco this season, they had won the title four times in a row before that, and are also massively rich. PSG are also more likely to win league titles consistently than United, however, any team with CR7 has to be favourites for the title.

ronaldo psg.PNG

Ronaldo’s buyout clause is a reported $1billion, however, his actual fee would probably be around the £100m mark. He’s apparently on wages worth £500k a week, with a yearly salary of $58m plus goal and win bonuses of about 20% of his weekly wage, so, in total, a three-year contract for him with a transfer fee of £100m where he scores 30 goals and wins 40 games each season, with £25million each year in image rights would cost the purchasing club an estimated £263,500,000 plus tax so not many clubs could afford him.

Overall, it’s probably all a load of rubbish, but if he really is leaving, for me, the most likely destination will be Man United. What do you think? Where do you think he will be next season? Leave your opinion in the comments below the advertisement.

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