The Interview: 5 Minutes With Jim Gannon

I was given the fantastic opportunity to have a quick 5-minute interview with Stockport County manager, Jim Gannon, this Saturday. County had just beaten Spennymoor Town 3-2 after a hat-trick from 25-year-old forward Jason Oswell. Here’s how it went.

B: So Jim, a brilliant three points from a game against opposition in the top four. Jason Oswell’s hat-trick takes him up to twenty goals this season already, are you planning to build the squad around him for the upcoming cup match at Lancaster?

J: Not particularly, no. Of course Jason is a big part of the team, but there’s more to winning than goal scoring; we have to be strong and resilient in defence and well built, but Jason’s a key part of that, certainly one of the key measurements for players is goals and assists, and Jason’s stats are certainly good.

J gannon

B: You’ve previously said that football should be played with a passing style of play. Do you think that playing attractive football gets rewarded in the long run?

J: I think so. I played with Danny Bergara’s (Legendary Stockport County manager) team and his was a bit more of a direct approach, and as the seasons went on the players got a little bit fatigued from than, and when you play at Wembley it doesn’t work, you know? It’s difficult because I’ve always been a big believer in passing football, and I’m also a big believer in effective football and we’ve got to know when we can play through teams, we’ve got to learn how to play behind teams, and we’ve got to learn how to play down the side of teams, and we need to know when to play and when not to play, and that’s when you get a really effective side.

B: This is your third stint in charge here at Stockport, are you expecting to stay here for the rest of your career, or do you want to move up in the league system?

J: If I move up in the league system it’ll be with Stockport. No, It was a gamble coming to the club for a second time, because I knew that where the club was headed financially was going to portray badly on everyone at the club, but I wanted what was best for the Football club, and this time I want to build a football club and do my best for it. You know, I want to take this club as far as possible.I know there’s a lot of managers at other clubs, and I’m not being disrespectful, but they try to make the team successful just as a platform for their own careers, but I’ve enjoyed playing in the Champions League, managing in the Europa league, and this is my hometown, my family are Stockport fans, and I want nothing but the best for them. Last time I left Stockport I didn’t expect to be in management again until someone gave me a call and asked me to take a few games while the manager was suspended, and I went in on a week-to-week basis and the manager was there two years, so as long as I’m wanted here, and people still believe in me, I’ll be here.

J Gannon 1 (1).jpg

Gannon showed great class and expertise to see through the result in the game, and he continued in this trend throughout the interview.

I’d like to say a massive thanks to everyone at Stockport County for making this possible, especially to Jim Gannon and Jon Keighren. Also, photo credits to Nick Midgley.

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2 Replies to “The Interview: 5 Minutes With Jim Gannon”

  1. BM, you most definitely have a career ahead of you with microphone in hand. Pity you weren’t in on ‘Milkgate’ on Sunday so you could of spilt the beans. Keep it up, great reading. Out of interest, who did Jim Gannon play for in the Champions league?


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