Weekly Window Update: It’s not even open yet!

So, since we last spoke the Premier League rumour mill has, unsurprisingly, created thousands of new stories to talk about. Let’s start at champions Chelsea.

Diego Costa has announced that Antonio Conte has no plans for him in his side next season, which could come as both a surprise and an expected decision. The Brazilian-born Spaniard was the Blues’ top scorer last season, totalling 22 goals in all competitions, however he was heavily linked with a move to China in January, a move which the president of Tianjin Quanjian, Shu Yuhi, claimed was scuppered by new legislation brought in by the Chinese FA to limit the number of foreign players in a side to 3.

Antoine Griezmann has now ruled out a move away from Athletico Madrid too, saying that to leave Atleti while they are transfer-banned would be a “dirty move”, perhaps paving a way to join next summer. However, United have released Zlatan Ibrahimovic, signalling that a move for a big name striker could be on the cards. We know Lukaku wants out of Everton, and Real Madrid’s Alvaro Morata has been heavily linked in recent days.

Liverpool have got into hot water with the FA recently, after being forced to apologise for illegally approaching Southampton’s Virgil Van Dijk without consulting the club beforehand. They have supposedly dropped all interest, however, the Dutchman has made it clear he would be in favour of a move to Anfield, possibly leading to a tricky situation for Southampton. Man City, Chelsea and Man United are all also reportedly interested in the 25-year-old.van dijk statement

As I said in last week’s WWU, the window doesn’t officially open for another 10 days, but that isn’t deterring anyone. Clubs can agree transfers at any time of the year, however, they can only officially register players once the transfer window has opened.

Some people (myself included usually!) say that you should only believe a deal is happening when it is on the club website. Well, the other day I was made aware of this article on the Man United website:ramsay article

Although the article states that United have agreed a deal, it does say that it is “subject to contract terms being agreed and the player passing a medical”, but surely the Red Devils would be fairly certain of completing the deal if they were to put it up on their website and risk their transfer credentials.

So, to conclude, Costa is leaving Chelsea, Griezmann isn’t leaving Athletico and you can’t trust what you read online. Who do you think will be where next season? Please do join the discussion down below.

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